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Rule one:  answer the questions if you feel like it.

Rule two: Ask 11 new questions if you want.

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1. You can have any kind of crossover or fusion fic you want. What do you pick?

I never really thought about crossovers that much…

2. You can have any superpower you want, but only for a week. Which one do you want and what will you do with it?

Electricity. And I would punish some bad people that weren’t punished by the law. But I would still be a badass. I like a superhero that isn’t perfectly good and fair.

3. What’s your favorite fanfic trope? (coffeeshop AU, undercover as a couple, etc.)

Pff I don’t know, I haven’t found one I could call a favorite.

4. You get one new body part not normally found on humans (a tail, horns, wings, etc.) What do you choose?

Wings. I’d love to have wings! Angel form, but black. Or demon form, but white XD no, forget that. I would like black Angel wings.

5. What are your favorite fics? You can choose up to five from each fandom.

This might sound a bit egocentric, but I like the ones I imagine. I don’t write them, ‘cause I’m not that talented, but I do imagine them, like a movie in my head and I love it!

6. Do you sleep with blankets even when it’s really hot?

Yeah…but not on me, just around me so I know it’s there if I get cold.

7. You have to re-cast the characters in one of your favorite movies/TV shows. Who do you pick for the main roles?

I can’t change a thing about anything I love…if I truly love it, of course.

8. If you could get one new electronic device for free, what would you get?

A portable playstation.

9. Three of your favorite characters from any fandom/fandoms get stuck in a broken elevator with three characters you don’t like. What happens?

They’ll probably get along, while I’ll go mad watching that if I ever will.

10. Do you like amusement park rides, and if so what are your favorites?

I honestly don’t know. I was only once into an amusement park and I was too little to remember much, so…

11. What’s the silliest headcanon you have?

Pff I don’t know…I think every headcanon is silly just being a headcanon, because it’s obviously just a made-up idea from silly minds that want more from the show they love. But silly in a good way, in a warm friendly good way.










Seeing people the same age as you doing awesome things with their lifeimage


by Starla of the Wolves


by Starla of the Wolves


All together now


A young Callum in one of his first roles. Floppy hair, glasses, kissing.

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i dont ship…i yacht. im not a low budget bitch

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Tamara Phillips

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